John Gruber on Daring Fireball:

I’ve always liked ThinkPads, and the X300 looks like a winner.

For some reason, Mac nerds love Thinkpads, and I really do not get it. Thinkpads looks like the first generation Dell laptop I used to lug around when I had offices on opposite sides of campus. They’re as ugly and boxy as a laptop can get and look like something someone built from a Radio Shack project.


Maybe I’m missing something about them, but I can’t get my head around why folks who appreciate such attention to detail in Mac laptops seem to have no qualms about a laptop seemingly designed for the color-blind.


Andy Ihnatko on the AIM demo for the iPhone:

AOL is up next, showing off AIM for the iPhone. Good. And I’m absolutely confident that now, all of the bloggers and messageboard posters who bitchily insisted that Apple would never support chat on the iPhone because they didn’t want to give users a free alternative to AT&T’s text messaging are dislocating their wrists in their rush to post their apologies.

What I don’t get is that these same people* are all whining about the fact that the iPhone doesn’t have MMS. With every cell carrier I’ve ever checked with, there’s an email gateway to MMS, so why in the world do you want to pay $0.20 in order to do what you can do TODAY, RIGHT NOW for free as an email?

First thing I did when I got my iPhone was set up a Gmail account just for MMS and told everyone who wants to MMS me that they just need to send it to that address. When I want to MMS someone, I send an email to their MMS email gateway. And, as an added bonus, my ever expanding Gmail account serves as an excellent record of all the messages.

*I can’t prove these are the same people, but I’d bet money on it.


The men’s room behind my office is out of order. I’ve always wondered why the phrase is used to mean “broken.” Out of order shouldn’t mean the room is unusable, just that things aren’t where they should be. Like a synonym for messy. Though I guess if someone walked in and found the sink on the ceiling or something, that would certainly meet both criteria.

It’s hard to imagine that there are those who still see the PC as ascendant, and not merely one option available to gamers, an option fraught with costs in time and treasure that not every person feels like fucking enduring when they get home from work.

Via today’s Penny Arcade. Without realizing it, Tycho has hit on exactly the difference between the groups of people who are going crazy in forums about whatever this week’s gaming injustice might be…they are people without jobs. Once you have a job and start caring about things that have actualy value to your life, you kind of gloss over meaningless crap like this. People who rant and rave on message board clearly have not just come home from work exhausted. Ranting on messageboards IS their work.

I’m starting fresh with WordPress for all my blogging needs. Why? Sadly, it mostly boils down to my thinking that WordPress is just a more pleasant interface to work with. There’s not much more to it than that. At some point I hope to move the older content over here, but in the meantime, here’s a link to my old blog.

Edit: I just looked at all the old crap. Never mind. Sheesh.