Andy Ihnatko on the AIM demo for the iPhone:

AOL is up next, showing off AIM for the iPhone. Good. And I’m absolutely confident that now, all of the bloggers and messageboard posters who bitchily insisted that Apple would never support chat on the iPhone because they didn’t want to give users a free alternative to AT&T’s text messaging are dislocating their wrists in their rush to post their apologies.

What I don’t get is that these same people* are all whining about the fact that the iPhone doesn’t have MMS. With every cell carrier I’ve ever checked with, there’s an email gateway to MMS, so why in the world do you want to pay $0.20 in order to do what you can do TODAY, RIGHT NOW for free as an email?

First thing I did when I got my iPhone was set up a Gmail account just for MMS and told everyone who wants to MMS me that they just need to send it to that address. When I want to MMS someone, I send an email to their MMS email gateway. And, as an added bonus, my ever expanding Gmail account serves as an excellent record of all the messages.

*I can’t prove these are the same people, but I’d bet money on it.