With the cat and mouse game Apple and Palm are playing, I’m seeing a lot of seriously absurd anti-Apple arguments.


“It took Apple a year for native apps, so we should give Palm a year.”


The iPhone was introduced in a completely different environment. Apple had ZERO competition in it’s class at the time. Palm is introducing this device when both the iPhone and Android exist as competing products. You might as well make the argument that you should give an computer without display support a chance since the first Apple computers didn’t use displays.


“iTunes only works with iPods so it’s a monopoly.”


This the most absurd sentiment I’ve heard in quite a long time. Can you update a Garmin GPS with Tom Tom software? Can you use Panasonic camera software to pull images off of your Sony camera? iTunes is the client software for the iPod. Expecting Apple to make it work with other products is like expecting Epson to give you drivers to run your Umax scanner.


The very fact that there are so many other devices that you want to use belies the idea that it’s a monopoly. iTunes is not an OS.